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Interventional Procedures

Interventional Pulmonology is a new field within pulmonary medicine that focuses on multi-disciplinary approach to patient care and the use of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic techniques to treat patients with lung cancer, benign airway disorders and pleural disease. An interventional pulmonologist collaborates with doctors practicing in other medical fields, such as medical and radiation oncology, thoracic surgery on techniques and procedures that will benefit many types of patients.

The Buz Standefer Lung Center is the only center in Chattanooga and one of a few centers in the US to offer full complement of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic airway and pleural personalized options for patients.

The superDimension iLogic System enables skilled interventional pulmonologists to access peripheral lung lesions with minimally invasive, image-guided technology similar to a GPS system in your car.

Endobronchial Ultrasound (EBUS)

EBUS is a technique wherein the pulmonologist uses a special bronchoscope with an ultrasound attachment at the tip of the scope to perform biopsies in multiple areas. This technique minimizes the risk of puncturing a blood vessel and allows for better accuracy, because the interventional pulmonologist can see the needle as it is placed inside the abnormality.

Peripheral Probe Ultrasound (pEBUS)

The peripheral probe is a small probe with a rotating ultrasound tip that allows visualization of peripheral lung nodules. The peripheral probe EBUS can be passed through a bronchoscope and visual peripheral lung lesions alone or in conjunction with GPS navigational bronchoscopy and fluoroscopy (real time x-ray guidance).

Medical Thoracoscopy

Medical Thoracoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure used to evaluate the lung pleura. The pleura is a large sheet of tissue that lines your lung and the inside of your chest wall.  Thoracoscopy is useful to diagnose the cause of the pleural fluid accumulation or thickening. In some cases, we can also apply medication to prevent further fluid from returning.

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