CHI Memorial Medical Group

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is geriatric medicine?

Geriatric medicine is a subspecialty of internal or family medicine which focuses on "geriatric syndromes" - which include dementia, falls/gait instability, incontinence, polypharmacy, delirium.

What types of patient services do we offer at the CHI Center for Healthy Aging?

We offer a consultative clinic visit for memory loss and falls assessment for patients 50 years and older; in addition to our full geriatrics assessment clinic for patients 55 years and older. We also see patients for primary care who are 55 years and older. We have a dedicated social worker who provides counseling to caregivers and assists our ger iatrician with patient placement/equipment needs for our geriatric clinic patients.

I’m active, fit and healthy. Why should would I need a geriatrician? 

Did you know changes that happen naturally as you age can impact the way medications work inside your body – and affect your quality of life? A person’s body composition naturally changes as they age; there’s more fat than muscle mass. And medications that are quickly absorbed in fat begin to last much longer in the body than they did at age 40 or 45. There’s also an increased permeability in the blood/brain barrier, meaning these medications can have much greater psychological effect than they once did. Even over-the-counter medications like Benadryl can cause confusion and memory loss.

Who could benefit from a geriatric care evaluation?

If you or a loved one is experiencing any combination of the following symptoms, schedule an evaluation. 

  • Multiple health problems
  • Confusion or memory loss
  • Behavioral changes, including sadness, anxiety, aggression or sleep changes
  • Difficulty with daily activities or questions about the ability to live independently
  • Problems walking or maintaining balance 
  • Decreased strength or muscle weakness 
  • Weight loss or other nutritional concerns 
  • Problems related to the use of multiple medications, including dizziness or falls

Do you provide resources for caregivers? 

Yes! If you’re a caregiver for an aging family member, CHI Memorial Center for Healthy Aging can provide support to help you navigate questions and concerns about memory loss and functional ability and provide emotional support along the way. Our comprehensive program eliminates or simplifies stressful decisions. Our team includes a dedicated social worker to offer support to the whole family and provide access to community resources at the appropriate time. We also offer an environment where family members can talk about their concerns without feeling judged, get information they need about disease progression, and gain understanding about what is and what is not part of the normal aging process.