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CHI Memorial Metabolic and Bariatric Care

CHI Memorial Metabolic and Bariatric Care offers a comprehensive, multidisciplinary obesity management program including surgical and non-surgical weight loss solutions to help individuals struggling with obesity lose weight and keep it off. Everyone has different challenges when it comes to losing weight – that’s why we offer an individual approach based on your medical history and specific concerns. 

The Obesity Medicine Program (Non-Surgical) includes: 

  • A comprehensive medical examination, including lab testing 
  • A customized plan based on your medical history and weight loss challenges
  • An evaluation, resources and behavioral counseling by a licensed social worker
  • Nutrition counseling with a certified dietitian 
  • Exercise support and monitoring 
  • Medications to support weight loss 

New, non-surgical option for weight loss

We are excited to offer the latest treatment option to promote fullness and aid with non-surgical weight loss. The FDA has approved a superabsorbent hydrogel in a capsule that lets patients eat the foods they love, but less of them. It’s another tool to help people with a body mass index (BMI) of 25 and greater who are struggling to lose weight feel fuller longer. It’s been shown to help people lose up to 10% of their body weight. In a clinical study, nearly 60% of responders lost 22 pounds on average, which was at least 5% of their body weight. Learn more

Bariatric Surgery Program 

For those unsuccessful at weight loss through diet, exercise and behavior modification alone, a referral for bariatric surgery may be indicated. Options include procedures like the gastric sleeve, gastric band, and gastric bypass. In addition to losing weight, bariatric surgery assists some patients in reducing life-threatening conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). 

We understand that altering lifetime habits requires education, emotional support and commitment, and our team can help you modify your eating behavior and assist you in making necessary lifestyle changes that lead to better health.   

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Dr. Ponce in the News 

A Bariatric Surgery Story Not an Extreme Solution to Treat Your Obesity

Dr. Ponce discusses metabolic disease and obesity treatments.

Our Team
Losing weight and keeping it off is difficult, and we recognize that each person has special needs. Understanding those needs allows us to promote the strong motivation and long-term commitment that are crucial to modifying eating behaviors. Jaime Ponce, MD, bariatric surgery and obesity medical director, and Rishabh Shah, MD, lead a team of advance practice providers, registered dietician, and licensed clinical social worker to support patients on their weight loss journey. Learn more about how we can help you meet your weight loss goals. 

Your Success is Our Success!
We’ve helped hundreds of people lose weight and keep it off. Read more about their stories and see before and after photos. Learn More

CHI Memorial Metabolic and Bariatric Care accepts all major insurance plans. We work with you to prepare a complete, detailed packet of information to submit to your insurance company the first time, increasing your likelihood of approval. FREE insurance verification and payment plans are available, including competitive cash pay prices. 

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Thank you for considering CHI Memorial Metabolic and Bariatric Care. We are committed not only to a successful procedure – including gastric sleeve, gastric band, gastric bypass and revisions – but also in an aftercare program that gives you the best chance for success. 

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