CHI Memorial Medical Group

Patient Rights and Responsibilites

While you receive treatment here, your rights include:

  • The right to considerate and respectful care.
  • The right to be well-informed about your illness, possible treatments, and likely outcome and to discuss this information with your doctor. You have the right to know the names and roles of the staff treating you.
  • The right to consent to or refuse a treatment modality, as permitted by law. If you refuse a recommended treatment, you will be informed of alternative and available treatment. 
  • The right to privacy. Your right to privacy will be protected as much as possible.
  • The right to expect that your patient record information is confidential and not released except in accordance with legal guidelines, and or your expressed stipulation unless warranted for emergency care to you. When releases are done, such as to insurers, it is emphasized that the record is confidential.
  • The right to review your record and to have the information explained, except when restricted by law. Office staff must have a minimum of a 24-hour notice so the record may be available.
  • The right to know if your physician has relationships with outside parties that may influence your treatment and care. These relationships may be with educational institutions, or other health providers or insurers. 
  • The right to know office rules that affect you and your treatment, charges, and payment methods.

Your responsibilities include:

  • The responsibility as a patient to provide information about your health, including past illnesses, hospital stays, family and social history which may impact your treatment, and use of medicine.
  • The responsibility to ask questions if you do not understand information or instructions and to tell your physician if you believe that you can not follow through with your treatment.
  • The responsibility to be considerate of the needs of other patients and staff. 
  • The responsibility to provide full and accurate information on insurance and for working with the office to arrange payment, if needed.
  • The responsibility to recognize the effect of your life-style and daily habits on your personal health.
  • In carrying out treatment services for you, this office works to provide efficient and fair care while preserving a respect for your values and dignity.tus.