CHI Memorial Medical Group

Helpful Information

It’s important to be an active in your medical care, therefore we encourage you to talk openly with our health care professionals. If you receive care outside of the practice or notice a change in your health please let us know so we can work together to improve your medical outcomes.


Please arrive early - New patients will need to arrive 30 minutes early, and established patients 15 minutes early, to their appointment. This gives us time to enter your information in the system and have you ready for your appointment on time. 

Late arrival for appointments - If you arrive more than 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment  time you could be asked to reschedule, or be worked  in, which could result in a wait time. 

Update your personal information - Please bring  your insurance cards, driver’s license and any documentation  regarding change of legal name. Ensure  address, e-mail, phone number, and emergency  contact are up to date. This information is used for  appointment reminders, lab results, and for invitation  to our patient portal.

After hours - Only urgent issues will be addressed after hours. If a telephone visit is done there will be a fee for the service. Please make an appointment for routine medical concerns during normal office hours. 

No shows and last minute cancellations - We ask that you call at least 24 to 48 hours in advanced to cancel.  No shows may be charged a fee. 

Questions for the provider - Please review your list of questions and ensure all the questions you have were addressed during your visit.

Prior Authorization, FMLA, Disability or other legal forms - Bring your insurance company’s Prior Authorization  form with you to all appointments. Bring FMLA,  disability or medical supply forms with you during  your next appointment. Please allow 72 hours after  the appointment to complete the forms and arrange  for pickup of all forms. In the event of a denial for prior  authorization for a procedure, medication, or etc.,  please contact your insurance company for additional  information.

Leaving a message

Please speak clearly and provide your full name, including the spelling of your name, phone number, date of birth, and reason for the call. Normal lab results will be available through our patient portal. If you are not signed up for the patient portal, please ask our receptionist for information on how to do so. If the lab results are abnormal our office will contact you by phone.

Patient rights & responsibilities

Patient rights
  • Access to considerate and respectful staff 
  • Access to the names and roles of staff providing treatment and information about your health care
  • Access to your medical records, which require a 24 hour notice and a written form for release
  • Access to health care rules and regulations that affect you, your treatment, charges, and  payments
  • The ability to consent or refuse treatment, as permitted by law 
Your health information is kept confidential  unless written consent is provided, pre-existing  guidelines established with healthcare  insurance,  or in case of a medical emergency.

Patient responsibilities

  • Selecting  a primary care provider upon your first visit. 
  • Providing information about your health, medication, insurance, contact information, past illness, hospital stays, family or social history that may impact treatment or medication, and payment of fees not covered by insurance
We are here to help, please ask questions if you do not understand the information or instructions given by your health care provider.

Prescription refills

Please notify the provider of all medication requiring refills during your scheduled appointment. If you call the office for a medication refill we will send it electronically to the pharmacy of your choosing. You will only be called if there is an issue. Prescriptions for narcotics will need to be picked up at the office.