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Jason Reich, LPCC

Jason Reich, LPCC

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Professional Education
Double major in Psychology and Spanish, with a minor in Latin American Studies, Flagler College, St. Augustine, FL
M.A. in Mental Health Counseling, Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, KY

Jason Reich, LPC, has been a licensed professional counselor since 2004. He enjoys helping people find direction and motivation in their lives through cognitive and behavioral therapy techniques. By sharing with people that the struggles they face are normal, Jason's goal is to help create hope and provide simple, concrete steps that lead to lasting change. 

Licensed Professional Counselors are master's-degreed mental health service providers, trained to work with individuals and families in treating mental, behavioral and emotional problems and disorders. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How can a counselor help me?
Licensed counselors are specialists who are trained to assess, diagnose and treat individuals, couples, children and families. The role of a counselor is to help people better understand their own mental health and how it relates to their behavior. This approach, called cognitive behavioral therapy, is based on the idea that the way a person thinks affects their emotions. It focuses on present thinking, behavior and communication rather than on past experiences. This type of therapy is used to treat a wide range of problems including anxiety, depression, panic, fears, eating disorders, substance abuse and personality problems.

Need help with anxiety or depression? You're not alone.
Anxiety and depression are the primary reasons people seek the help of a professional counselor. A licensed counselor can help people identify their daily activities and behaviors that are having a negative impact on their mental health. For some, changing a behavior is easier than changing the way they think. A counselor can offer a professional perspective and actionable steps that can help people break the cycle of negative thoughts that are keeping them from reaching their full potential.

Feeling "stuck" or want more out of your personal relationships?
Lack of motivation and communication challenges in marriage and family relationships are issues that many people face. A counselor can help clarify goals and feelings to solve problems in relationships or other situations in their lives. When people find themselves "stuck" in pattern of behavior or a way of communicating, counseling can be the catalyst for change by helping them create a larger vision of how their life could be different and offering strategies to foster open and honest communication. Counselors provide support and guidance, while helping people make effective decisions.

Who is appropriate for professional counseling?

Any person who feels like their mental health is overwhelming their life could benefit from professional counseling. Many people resort to counseling as a last ditch effort, but early intervention and learned coping skills can help people quickly address or avoid many relational, behavioral and mental health issues altogether. 

The mind-body connection as it relates to overall health is well documented. Jason Reich works closely with the other physicians and therapists at CHI Memorial Integrative Medicine Associates to tailor individual treatment plans that address any combination of physical, mental or emotional issues to provide healing and relief. 

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